Kurdistan as a Site of Critique: Politics of Decolonization


CSCUNES Center for Solidarity

Kurdistan as a Site of Critique: Politics of Decolonization

Speakers: Dilar Dirik, Refugee Studies Center, Oxford University Nazan Üstündağ, Independent Scholar

Decolonization is a political issue, a form of challenging the dominant organization of the world. It also about the liberation of our imagination. This seminar will discuss some of the ways in which the Kurdistan freedom movement understands and practices decolonization in and beyond Kurdistan. It will particularly focus on the role and mission of women’s liberation in decolonizing different spheres of life from power and domination. Moreover, the seminar will explore the meanings of and approaches to producing knowledge for liberation on and together with a revolutionary movement in a regional and global political context of war, violence, and criminalization. In doing so, it will invite the audience to think about knowledge production on Kurdistan as an occasion to critique systems of power and violence in a manner that connects local to universal struggles for freedom and justice.


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